design is just one of the many tools that help us tell it, just like archetypal branding, copwrite, photography, illustration and storytelling.



The word 'design' undoubtedly comes from the Latin word 'designare' and the English word 'designate'. Both mean as much as pointing out. Design – you could say – is shaping something in such a way that it not only simply takes shape and therefore becomes visible, but that it takes shape in a way that makes something clear. For us, design and meaning come together.

In addition, design is always about usability and applicability. In the world of professional designers, it is not without reason that the credo applies: Form follows function. First it must be clear what exactly the object, or message, or event to be shaped is intended to do or achieve, and only then will it be shaped (and not the other way around). Good design does not start with the appearance, but with the interior, with the intention, with the function.

Our personal passion for design – whether we create it ourselves or endlessly enjoy the masterful design of others – is about both.

For us, the form must serve two masters at the same time.
1. It promotes and strengthens the purpose and function: Form follows function.
2. And… it makes it clear and visible. It adds value and emotion. It makes an identity tangible, tangible, experienceable. Good design – our design – contributes to the story that wants to be told: Form follows story.

In this sense we use the word design when we design logos, corporate identities, websites, presentations, products, events, interiors.

We are satisfied with it when it ...
... facilitates the use and intention
... reflects and deepens the identity
... helps tell the story.

Colors, shapes, surfaces, textures, materials, images, sounds and smells are our infinite friends & resources in that process.

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